Spicy Spicy Chai


Spicy Spicy Chai


What you need:

Te amo "mi amiga" tea maker

Shaker bottle

A bell pepper

2 teaspoons of black chai.

1.5 teaspoons of  sweetener(optional)

& a dash of crushed red pepper and black pepper.


Brew tea  in the "mi amiga" tea maker as needed. After brew cycle is complete, pour tea into a shaker bottle along with sweetener, crushed red pepper, and black pepper and shake (Caution: contents will be hot). Place in freezer and cool to 115 degrees. Meanwhile cut off top of bell pepper and remove interior contents. After tea has cooled to an appropriate temperature, pour tea and fill to 3/4 of the bell pepper. Garnish with crushed red pepper, black pepper, or even chocolate as desired. 



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