Wait, There's a Tea for Weight Loss?

New Year… new you, right? You try it every year and it works for a month or two until you are loaded down with chocolate and wine from your Valentine’s Day binge or Spring Break Budweisers. But for you this year is going to be different, so different actually that you might have to change your name to Vanessa and do all the things Vanessa does (like wear that too revealing skirt and eat full course meals at Mexican restaurants). And how is this year going to be Vanessa-chic year? Easy, with weight loss made successful with Te amo Gunpowder Green Tea.

Our gunpowder green tea is tightly rolled into “pellets” and has a potent and strong green tea flavor and is loaded with enzymes, amino acids and other nutrients. Replacing one 16 ounce latte or 20 ounce bottle of cola soda with a similar size cup of Te amo’s Gunpowder green tea can remove between 190 – 240 calories from you diet respectively. That’s up to ten percent of the daily recommended caloric intake while still providing a caffeine kick! Combine this with diet and exercise and you will be sexy Vanessa in no time.

Te amo!

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