Wait, There's a Tea for Focusing?

Craig is focused.
What I mean is Craig is really focused.
But I really don't think you understand, Craig is really really focused!
Craig has a 2011 blue BMW 335i coupe with only four payments left.
Craig has a two story ranch house with a killer view of sunsets on his patio. 
Craig has an awesome job as a regional manager of "Victoria's Secret" and is co-captain of the bi-annual corporate softball team. 
And you wanna know how Craig got so unbelievably stellar? It's because he has radiant morning energy all day every day 24/7 even after working double shifts.
But before you think you could never be like Craig just wait! Because Te aMo Tea can absolutely help you with that! Starting off the day right is essential to making your day go smooth and nice! Getting enough sleep, eating a proper breakfast, and drinking Te aMo brand "London Morning Tea" (available online and at all Te aMo Tea locations) will help get you going right. With a rich, bold taste "London Morning" is excellent in providing that morning energy without the excess caffeine or "coffee breath" consumed by drinking coffee. And for those natural extra "go-getters" prepare it with the Te aMo Tea "Mi Amiga" tea maker for super fast brewing in under 3 minutes without the worry of over steeping your tea and for that just perfect taste. Take your tea to go and make moves like Craig!

Warning: Before you get too ahead of yourself, Craig also has a girlfriend( hint: she was a volleyball player at Denver state).

Wait, There's a Tea for Weight Loss?

New Year… new you, right? You try it every year and it works for a month or two until you are loaded down with chocolate and wine from your Valentine’s Day binge or Spring Break Budweisers. But for you this year is going to be different, so different actually that you might have to change your name to Vanessa and do all the things Vanessa does (like wear that too revealing skirt and eat full course meals at Mexican restaurants). And how is this year going to be Vanessa-chic year? Easy, with weight loss made successful with Te amo Gunpowder Green Tea.

Our gunpowder green tea is tightly rolled into “pellets” and has a potent and strong green tea flavor and is loaded with enzymes, amino acids and other nutrients. Replacing one 16 ounce latte or 20 ounce bottle of cola soda with a similar size cup of Te amo’s Gunpowder green tea can remove between 190 – 240 calories from you diet respectively. That’s up to ten percent of the daily recommended caloric intake while still providing a caffeine kick! Combine this with diet and exercise and you will be sexy Vanessa in no time.

Te amo!

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Wait, There's a Tea for That? Intro...

Welcome to Te aMo official blog, "Wait, There's a Tea for That?". Here, we at the Te aMo staff addresses  the benefits associated with drinking different types of tea in a 5-part weekly blog. The benefits covered will ranged weight-loss to improved memory and will introduce products and drinks made easy with the "mi amiga" tea maker. We hope you enjoy and te amo!

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